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When it comes to keeping the UK on the move, we play our part. Whether it’s people or products, we know that clean, safe environments reduce delays and improve Customer satisfaction.

Time-sensitive cleaning, specialist cleaning environments, or just plain old hose and wipe, we can be there to ensure that things keep moving.

What we do

Covid 19 changed everything. The way we work, the way we play, and the way we buy. All were affected by this devastating pandemic. But we adapt. Shopping online changed the way that we perceived logistics centres. They became our lifeline, our contact with the new normal.

Public Transport Companies had to do more to ensure that anyone using their services was safe and secure. Could go about their business knowing they would be safe. We needed to be agile, responsive, and sensitive to Customer concerns. They had to keep moving, and we had to keep them safe.

We adapted. New services to ensure that essential workers operated in a safe environment. Cleaning regimes to ensure that highly automated environments did not lose sight of the fact that it was people that managed the data input and that these key workers needed a safe environment in which to work.

Public transport had to ensure that whilst numbers may have reduced, they had to provide safe transit for key workers.

We worked, we trained, and we delivered in all of these key areas, and we will again with innovative thinking and world-class solutions.

Typical Services Used

Window Cleaning

Vistavis undertake all window cleaning methods, including traditional reach & wash, abseiling, and cradle access, to make your world sparkle.

Floor Cleaning

With over 25 years of experience working on carpet and & floor cleaning, Vistavis can clean, restore or maintain any type of floor you have.

Deep Cleaning

This is the process of cleaning something extremely carefully and completely in order to prevent the spread of germs and infection.

Specialist Technology Cleaning

The risk of infection through cross-contamination has never been greater. We help minimise this risk with a range of bespoke cleaning solutions.

Kitchen Cleaning

With over 10 years experience in commercial kitchen cleaning, Vistavis have all your kitchen deep cleaning needs in hand. Bring your kitchen back to life and ensure optimum performance.

Other Cleaning Services

If you have other specialist cleaning requirements, click here for more info on some of the other cleaning services we can offer. We would be happy to give you a no obligation quotation.


We cannot hope to answer every question that you might have, however, here are a few questions that we regularly get from clients.

If you have any additional questions regarding Vistavis, our services, or the sectors in which we work, please feel free to contact us.

What areas/regions do you cover?

We provide services to clients across the whole of the UK.

What areas/regions do you cover?

We provide services to clients across the whole of the UK.

Are your products and services interchangeable depending on the Customer’s requirement?

Yes. As a multi-disciplined service provider, we are able to tailor solutions using the products and services we have available to ensure a perfect fit, whatever the requirements.

How soon will our office be ready to use after carpet cleaning?

If we are performing dry extraction cleaning – which is most of the time – your carpets will be clean and dry to walk on within 30 minutes of completion.  If we are performing wet extraction cleaning, we recommend you leave the areas clear until the following morning.

Are you able to work across all Business Sectors?

Yes. We operate across all Business sectors, including Private Sector, including Healthcare, Public Sector, Government, Education, Logistics, Technology, Leisure, Real Estate and Retail.

Do we need to empty our offices before a carpet clean?

No. We will clean all walkways, around and under furniture leaving your working environment clean and ready for the business day following our visit.

Do you charge extra for out of hours cleaning?

By the nature of our business, most of our work is performed outside office working hours, so there is no such thing as out of hours to us – 24/7 all the same to us!

Are your operatives all trained?

All our operatives are trained and experienced for whatever type of cleaning or task they are performing.

Are you fully insured?

We are insured for £10M for both Public Liability and Employee Liability and have insurance cover for all our work to fully protect our customers’ interests.

Do you have a green and sustainability policy?

Yes. Vistavis, the Company, and all of our staff are committed to embracing green working practices and sustainability. We work with clients and suppliers to ensure that our environmental performance has a minimal effect and impact on the world around us.

What accreditations do you hold?

Vistavis is proud to hold both ISO900 and 14001 accreditation. We also hold accreditations through Alcumus Group and CHAS and are registered with both as safe contractors.

For Educational environments, are all your employees checked?

Yes. Vistavis is committed to ensuring the safety of all staff and Customers. To that end, any team member operating within the Education sector will have been thoroughly checked against national registers, including the Criminal Records Bureau.

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